Friday, May 22, 2015

Blog 9

 well I don't really know what you mean about this kind of blog. So, i'm just kinda winging it.

For a good discussion, you need to have a good enough topic to have everyone talk about it. You need to have questions about the topic. Have at least three questions and when you ask a question talk about it and have like additional questions to keep going with that topic question. When your have a discussions like in class at school. Make sure you keep going and don't have that awkward silence and be looking around. If it ends up having a silent moment try to ask another questions and keep going. When people answer a questions try to add on another answer to the question.
In this article it goes through three different steps to get a discussion going. The first step is having a good opening question. You do not want to have a yes or no questions, because it will make the discussion go quite real fast. The question should try to get more than one answer or an opinion questions to get people going and involved in the discussion. Another thing is coming prepared. You want to have two to five good big questions and then three smaller questions to each bigger question. A third thing is make sure you know what our talking bout and it is true. Because if you do not know, it could mess everything up and everyone will be all mad at you.
The second step is maintaining a meaningful conversation. Make sure everyone has a shot to talk and give their opinion. When two people get into an argument, don't let that happen, because they will think that it is okay to be mean to other students. If they have a different opinion on the topic they need to find a better way to talk about their different views on that certain topic. Make sure they get everyone to talk, but not let people tear people down when they speak their minds. If you have an opinion make sure you have things to back things up. If you do not have anything to back your opinion up. I don't think you should say your opinion. Another good thing to do when your in a discussion is to write things down. It'll help them get back to the point if they get away from the what they need to be talking about. Try to not have any side conversations as well. If you have something to say, say it to everyone not to the person next to you. And manage your time well. Don't talk about one thing three fourths of the time and like the other thing the last quarter of the discussions.
The third step is to wrap things up and summarize what you all talked about in the discussion. Even when everyone has so many questions to ask is still a good time to cut them off  and be done with the discussion. you want them to leave the discussion wanting more. When the discussion is done make sure you know who did and did not participate in the discussion and make sure they do next time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blog 8

For the 10 day news articles I went on flipboard. Flipboard is your own person new site. You can create and make your own news. You pick what type of news you want to read. It can be sports to style news, or technology, or just photography and stories behind them and so many more. Instead of sliding side to side and doesn't even look like you even flipped the page. On flipboard you flip up and it actually looks like it flips up. Another thing that its kind a cool about flipboard there are not pages on pages on pages of one story. They are just like few small paragraphs. Easy to read before you end out to work or school. The stories are not really in your local area either, they are more all around the world. They are kind a random stories, but still kind a cool to read. You wouldn't really think of that kind of story. Like the one about how did the Bulls jersey spread and become a nationwide thing to wear. You would never really think about that. 
I liked this project, it showed me stuff that i most likely wouldn't have known if I didn't go on flipboard and read all these stories. I personally liked the one that was about the six different spots you forget to put sunscreen on and would be more likely to get cancer right there. Its kind a crazy to think that one tiny spot that you forget to put sunscreen on can make you get cancer just like that. For me, I don't put sunscreen on its maybe like 2 times all summer maybe even less sometimes. Never really thought how sunscreen can really protect you from getting cancer. Now I know that it does, so now I will wear sunscreen a lot more this summer.
Another reason why I liked this project is that I got to find out little more about other countries and celebrities as well. I don't really stay up to date on news and it really helped me know what’s happening around the whole and just know what happening in Buffalo. It made me widen my span of knowledge and I think I am going to keep reading at least one story a day to keep up with what is happening in the world and what’s the next big thing in the world. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blog #7

The new thing is here! iPhone 9. With I phone 9 there are so many changes from the previous iPhones. This iPhone comes in custom colors, what ever color you want even clear if you pay additional $100.  The screen is as big as the I phone 6 plus, so its little bigger than that. The battery last for at least 48 hours even how much you use your phone it will guarantee 48 hours. Stop worrying about bringing charger everywhere you go and finding a plug in.

 The biggest thing about the iPhone 9 has this new damage effect . You can throw the phone as hard as you want at the ground and it will break into amazing unique pattern. Put it on the driveway and have someone drive over it, change into a different and more complex crack pattern.  Drop your phone in a cup with food coloring and leave it there, the cracks in the phone will turn that color. If it get struck by lighting, the brightness will be as bright as a headlight on a car.

Say goodbye to bury and fuzzy pictures with the camera is Canon camera. You can zoom and focus on anything and wont be just a blob like all the other phone cameras when you zoom in too much. Before and after there are double the amount of filters you can use for your pictures to make them prefect.

Worried about people taking your phone and chopping off your finger and unlocking it with out you knowing. The new security with your eye. Just have to open your eye really big and have your phone do the rest. If it doesn't work in three tries, an alarm will go off. Not just any basic alarm, an alarm like a school fire alarm. Then the backup security will pop up and you will have to unlock your phone with your tongue. Using the new high-tech security you make sure no one will ever unlock your phone and taking your identity.

A new feature on the iPhone 9 it has feelings! The more you use your phone and play games on it, the more the phone is attracted to you. If you are nice,relaxed and really take care of your phone the faster and better your phone will work. When your mad, frustrated and throw your phone around the slower and glitches there is. When you listen to music, the phone will be really loud if the phone likes that song. If it doesn't like it, it will make it softer or even skip that song.

Is your phone bill to much with all the mobile data? forget about it, on the iPhone 9 there is iWiFi built into the phone. No more stressing if you go over your data, the iWiFi in the phone is unlimited usage. Now more time on iInstagram, iTwitter, iYouTube and more!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog 5-Design

For my fifty minute design was kinda hard. I couldn't really figure out where to start. When I was thinking of what kind of story to do, I just went with what I liked. I liked college hockey so I went from there. I googled the ranking on boys college hockey to see who's top twenty. My favorite college team was number one. From there I tried to figure out a title for my design which was really hard cause I'm really bad at making up those kind of things. I knew wanted the ranks on my lay out but didn't know where or how I wanted it to be. I started putting pictures and the rank on there trying to find a good layout to do. Well that didn't work, I started over about five times and didn't like any of them. It was really hard to find a way to make a layout with no help. With I was finished I wish I did something on the right side of the page. It most likely would have made it look so much better somehow. I thought of way better things to put on my design but than it was like way to late to change them and i couldn't even find my design on
InDesign to even try to fix it. You need a a lot of creativity to make a design and I realized that you won't have a prefect design right away. It will take time and a lot of starting over from scratch. You have to keep fixing and fixing your design. obviously you need more then fifty minutes for a design.

I think this is a good design article. It has so many different shapes and sizes and there is a lot of different stories on one page. It really catches ones eye. It was Kate and Will's baby secret and then on the bottom it tells us a secondary story about how they are having a baby shower for her. The secret is about how they are going to i think Paris to get a break from everything or it was about how she got pregnant on their honeymoon. They have so many different things going on the same page. With the different colors and shapes makes you want to stay on the page and want you to read everything to see what is happening. It really clashes together they us the complimentary colors to help make different thing stand out. I wish I could of made my fifty minute design more like this. I didn't know really what i was doing when i was doing the project and it was really hard with McCallum gone that day as well.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Choice. What is a choice? Sometimes you don’t even know you’re making a decision. Making Choices can be from a small decision like getting out of bed this morning to a bigger decision on where you want to go for college.  When you are looking for news, would you go straight to online news or would you use the newspaper? Online news is great you get news right on the palm of your hands. You can read all the stories you want to hear and can like and dislike the story you read. When you go on that same app or website they will remember that you didn’t like those kind of stories like about ISIS killing so many people. They won’t give you any of those kind of stories. Another thing is they could be false stories. They could be just made up, but how would you know they are true or not? You don’t until you find the same story to prove the story is real.  On the other hand it could be bad. With newspaper you can’t choose what you read they give you certain stories and it’s your decision if you want to read it. Newspapers you get so many variety and different stories that would broaden your point of views on things.

When people wake up in the morning probably the first thing they do is making breakfast or find what they want to wearing for the day. Some people have to wear suit and tie or a nice dress to work, but do you really “have” to wear that to work? It’s your choice to wear a suit and tie or a nice dress, Instead you could wear an old t-shirt and sweatpants to work. If you wear that you might get in trouble, but its your choice to follow the rules or not.

It can be both  the writers and the person who reads it. Depending on what the story is and how the person takes it determines how the news is "bad". How does the news become bad anyways? Is it how they wrote the news, is it bias, does it make sense? It can go either way, It could be the readers fault because they can not like the story they wrote and think it's "bad" news. On the other hand it can be the writers fault because they said all the wrong things and just sound like a 2nd grader writing a story. So i mean it can go either way just depending on who is reading that certain story.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

blog #3

The struggles for the newspapers and/or agency is trying to find a better way to show their news to everyone in a covenant way. Their problem is that they don't know how to do that. They have to brainstorm and brainstorm, find ideas that are realistic and could actually work. They have to make sure other companies are not doing the same thing. So when they find an idea that could work they try to expand that idea. For an example if they made up the idea of my groups idea, the kiosk. They have to figure how many kiosks they would need with a certain amount of people in the city or town. What kind of news will be on the kiosk, Sports, weather, breaking news, local, etc. They need to see what people are interested in. Figuring out that, they need to figure out how they are going to have people read the news and make it more convent for the owners. Will they have to buy an app? Have both an app and a kiosk. Have to pay for the app and maybe additional monthly few. Will have ads on the side as well. With all this Deciding and figuring out what they need to make it good. The Next problem is how they are going to get it to spread. We can do commercial or on a build boards or just putting the kiosks out in the cities and hopefully they us them. Thinking about all this and building and all the hard labor could be for nothing and mess something and they will have to start all over, start from scratch. They have to think about everything from top to bottom every inch to make everything perfect and make it worth a while.

I think our idea is a really good idea and I think it could really would work. There are still little kinks in the project but if we gave it to professionals and they could make it really great. This would help give everyone the news faster and more convent as well. Just like the kiosk in the malls, people us them all the time and they would too with the news as well.

Friday, February 6, 2015

1. Having a good story it really helps to make it spread fast.You need to have an attention grabber title to draw the audience in to read the story. The first paragraph has to be interesting and makes the audience want to keep reading. If they like the story, they will tell someone they know how good the story is. Then they will tell other people they may know and so on. Depending on how good it will go one for awhile or just for a day or two. For an example Dallas Perkin's story about Elijah Roberts  and how he has two kids and hes only 16. That went viral all over the high school for a few days and got like 2,000 plus views.

2.  well I mean if the story was good enough for people to read and its not gossip than it could be a story but it just kinda depends on what they actually said in the story or shows in the picture. if the story is true! they cant just make something up and tell everyone its true because  they will never listen to the person that who said that story again. For example, Brian Williams broadcasted a story that he was somewhere but really wasn't and finally told everyone that it was false, and now everyone is thinking twice if everything he said was false as well. (not going to hot for william's).